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This Rental Agreement (“Agreement”), dated as on the Rental Order proposal, is by and between Victory Party Rental Corp (“Victory Events”) and the Rented To as on the Rental Order Proposal (“Customer”). In consideration of renting the equipment described herein (the “Rental Items”), Victory Events and Customer agree as follows:


Reserving equipment:

Equipment and items will be reserved only upon receipt of a valid credit card, signed copy of the Rental Order Proposal and a 50% non-refundable deposit (cash, check or credit card). Quotes and proposals do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. Full payment must be made minimum of 7 business days prior to the delivery.

 Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of orders will forfeit all booking deposits. Cancellations made within 48 hours of delivery will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

There are no refunds on any “unused” equipment.

Rental period:

A rental period is twenty-four (24) hours unless a different term is specified in the Rental Order Proposal. For Rental Items not returned prior to the Rental Order proposal deadline, additional 100% fee daily will apply.


Full payment is due prior to the delivery date. No orders will be scheduled for delivery until full payment is received (minimum 7 business days prior to the event)

  • We accept any major credit cards (fees apply)
  • We accept checks with 15 days before the delivery date payable to Victory Party Rental Corp
  • We accept wire transfers to bank
  • We accept cash


Customer responsibility:

It is the customer responsibility to check the rental order proposal to make sure all items/equipment rented are correct, and that all important details are well noted; some important details are (but not limited to):

– Delivery and pick up time frame

– Date

– Set up/ Break down (if included) and time

– Address

Victory Events will not take any responsibility or liability for incorrect information provided other than what is on the rental order proposal.

It is the customer’s responsibility all the items are, at pick up time, where these were delivered, any missing item will be invoiced and charged to the credit card on file without further notice, if the customer finds the items we will issue a refund to the same credit card on file or mail a check.

If the customer requires tents/dance floor/stage, it is their responsibility to make sure there is enough space to install the requested item’s size.


Damage waiver/Protection Plan:

Once a customer takes possession of equipment, they are completely responsible for it whether damaged, lost or stolen. Customers should consult their insurance agent regarding their coverage of lost/damaged rental equipment. Damage waiver (DW) is available at time of rental on most items. Damage waiver protects you against charges for accidental damage to rental equipment while it is in customer’s possession. DW relieves you of liability for accidental damage to the rented equipment and for loss due to fire, collision, windstorm, upset and riot. Excluded from this waiver however, is loss due to theft, burglary, misuse or abuse, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance or any loss due to your failure to care for the rental equipment.

Victory Events offers you the rentals protection plan option by paying an additional 15% of the net rental rate for all applicable Rental Items. If Customer accepts the Equipment Protection Plan, then Victory Events waives all claims against Customer for accidental breakage or damage to Rental Items, with the exception of third party sub rental items, that occurs despite usage and handling with reasonable care. Items not returned to Victory Events within three (3) days after your event are billed the full replacement cost.



Site preparation:

Please be sure your site is ready (i.e. lawns mowed vehicles out of the way, etc.) before the crew arrives. Customers will inform Victory Events in advance of any underground sprinkler system or conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor equipment/tents. Location of underground utility/phone lines is the responsibility of the homeowner. Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to underground equipment in absence of such notice. We assume no responsibility for damage to buried lines such as dog fences, gas lines, underground electrical lines, outdoor lighting, septic system and sprinkler systems. The tent manufacturer highly recommends that all tents be installed and staked down. Customer requests for any other type of installation/anchoring require the customer to accept liability for any damage or any or all property. 

Delivery/pick up service:

Delivery service is available on all orders regardless of size. All fees are based on tailgate delivery and charged by geographical location. Additional delivery charges will occur for second floor or higher delivery locations, basement delivery locations, excessive distance (more than 20 feet) for loading/unloading trucks, specific delivery and pickup times and afterhours delivery and pickup. Delivery fees quoted may change after site inspection. All items will be delivered and picked up at a designated location. The customer should be available to count all items upon delivery and pickup. Otherwise our counts will be considered accurate. Orders are typically delivered one (1) in advance of your event while pickups occur up to one (1) day following your event. Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from the time of delivery to the time of pickup. Please be sure all equipment is secured when not in use and protected from weather. Rental equipment left exposed to inclement weather will be charged additional rental fees.

Delivery times: Your delivery has been scheduled for a specific time, if you fail to comply with this schedule, the driver will continue with his assigned route. To schedule a second delivery you will need to call the office.

Pick up times: The pickup time can be scheduled with the office only; we are not responsible for any pick up scheduled with the driver. First pickup attempt will be included on the delivery fee. But any subsequent pickup attempt will incurred in a $100.00 charge.

Clean up/preparation for pick up:

 All trash, decorations, floral arrangements of any kind should be removed from the tent before scheduled pickup time. All chairs and tables should be stacked & bagged the same as when delivered. All dishes, glassware and cooking equipment should be returned to the proper rack or container and assembled at a single location for pickup. Dishes, glasses, flatware and food service equipment (grills, chafers, etc.) must be cleaned and food/particle free. Otherwise, an additional charge for cleaning will be applied to the final price. Linens should also be food and particle-free and be shaken out and put into laundry bags/boxes provided. Linens that are returned with burns, holes, tears, or are permanently stained will be billed at replacement cost.

Pick up orders

If the customer picks up the order from our warehouse, please check all goods before leaving our premises; the customer is responsible for any broken item at the time of return.

Any return made after the time agreed on the rental contract is subject to a 100% of the order per day. No exceptions.

Customers  authorize our company to use the credit card on file to charge such fees.


 Indemnification and defense: 

Customer agrees that if legal proceedings are brought against Victory Events for compensation for personal injuries or property damage arising out of an event, customer will indemnify Victory Events and its employees against any judgments which may be rendered against them except for judgments on claims which arise out of negligence, gross negligence or willful acts or omissions of Victory Events, its agents, servants or employees. 


Additional charges: 

Fire and building permits for all tents are the responsibility of the customer. Victory Events can file for all permits and provide necessary equipment (fire extinguishers, exit signs). There will be an additional fee for this service based on county and size of the tent.

 Additional charges will apply if:

a) The site is not ready or accessible when the crew arrives; 

b) The tent and rented equipment is not ready for pre-arranged pickup;

c) Delivery and/or pickup is from a location other than ground level (upstairs or downstairs); and it is not within 20 feet from the delivery truck.

d) All chairs and tables are not stacked and bagged as delivered for pickup; 

e) Food service items are not cleaned and food-free;

f) All additional equipment (stoves, grills, etc.) is left dirty;

g) Customer requires pickups before or after normal business hours;

h) Site requires custom tent installations (i.e. on asphalt, decks, immovable objects, etc.)

i) Additional pick up attempt



Customers understand that tents are temporary structures designed to provide limited protection from weather conditions, primarily sun and rain; however, there may be situations, particularly involving strong winds and lightning, in which the tents will not provide protection and may even be damaged or blown over. Evacuation of tents to avoid possible injury is recommended when severe weather threatens the area where the tent is erected. People must leave tents and not seek shelter in tents during such conditions. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of changing weather conditions and to exercise the best judgment with regard to evacuation of tents.


Liability and Indemnity

  1. – The customer is responsible for the equipment from the time of delivery until collection by our company staff and shall pay for all equipment damage or loss caused during that period.
  2. – The customer shall not remove the rented equipment or any part thereof from the situation and position of its installation without consent from the company. The customer grants our company access at all times to inspect or repair the equipment and in the case of default to remove the equipment. The customer shall not attempt to repair the equipment but notify Victory Events immediately in case of breakdown or failure.
  3. – The person signing the documents for and on behalf of the customer hereby covenants with Victory Events that he or she has the authority of the customer to make this agreement on the customer’s behalf and is empowered by the customer to bind the customer to this agreements and hereby indemnifies our company against all losses and cost incurred by our company arising out of the person signing this agreement failing to have such power and/or authority.
  4. – Victory Events reserves the right to take photos at event locations utilizing our company’s equipment. Photos are taken with a focus on the equipment and are selected with due care to exclude recognizable private property and persons. Photos may be used in publications or other media material produced, used, or contracted by our company.


Compliance with laws 

Customers shall not use or allow anyone to use the Rental Items for any illegal purpose or in any illegal or unsafe manner.  Customers, at Customer’s sole cost and expense, will comply with all municipal, county, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations which may apply to the use of the Rental Items during the rental period.  Specifically, customers shall comply with Health and Safety laws and regulations, fire safety regulations (such as those prohibiting heaters or cooking inside of tents), sound and noise ordinances and regulations, and ordinances and regulations requiring event permits.  Customers shall pay all licenses, fines, fees, permits or taxes arising from the use of the rental items, including any which are subsequently determined to be due.


Electronic signature

 Customers may accept the terms of this Agreement electronically when they order the Rental Items from Victory Events.  Victory Events may email Customer confirmation of such acceptance along with a copy of this Agreement, and Victory Events may prove Customer’s acceptance of this Agreement by providing such confirmation email or by providing other electronic evidence that Customer accepted the Agreement electronically.


 Extra staff definition  

Additional staff added to orders are only an optional service provided to assist in expediting the delivery process for time sensitive orders. Our staff service is only allowed to handle products that are part of the order and are restricted from providing other services not included in the contract. Extra staff services are non transferable or extended from date and time indicated on contract for additional staff service. If additional staff is not added or required to assist in expediting the order pick up the order automatically will revert to a maximum of 2 staff members for pick up unless otherwise specified in additional staff service requirements.​


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